Comparing oligonucleotide-based genomic signatures among sequences
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Comparison of Genomes: Ensembl Genomes Release 38 (January 2018; 44,036 genomes).
Recent improvements:
  • 2016/01/01
    Website launched. Database includes 29.777 genomes from Ensembl Bacteria release 30 (December 2015).
  • 2016/02/08
    The algorithm to compare oligonucleotide frequencies of specific genome against the complete database was improved. About 2.6 seconds saved per comparison (from 3.05-2.85 seconds to 0.35-0.15 seconds, depending on oligonucleotide length).
  • 2016/02/28
    Improvements to speed up computing of oligonucleotide frequencies and comparison of genomes within an account.