Comparison of oligonucleotide based genomic signatures among sequences
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Comparison of Genomes: Ensembl Genomes database

Genomic signatures: comparison os sequenced genomes

Type of frequenciesOctanucleotides
Statistical procedureGenomic Signature Distance
Clustering methodUPGMA
Name of sequences (500)

Show only the dendrogram for: Salmonella 4,[5],12:i:-   Salmonella Agona   Salmonella Albany   Salmonella Anatum   Salmonella Bareilly   Salmonella Berta   Salmonella Bovismorbificans   Salmonella Braenderup   Salmonella Cerro   Salmonella Derby   Salmonella Dublin   Salmonella Enteritidis   Salmonella Gallinarum   Salmonella Hadar   Salmonella Heidelberg   Salmonella I   Salmonella Infantis   Salmonella Javiana   Salmonella Johannesburg   Salmonella Kentucky   Salmonella Litchfield   Salmonella Mbandaka   Salmonella Montevideo   Salmonella Muenchen   Salmonella Muenster   Salmonella Newport   Salmonella Paratyphi   Salmonella Pullorum   Salmonella Reading   Salmonella Saintpaul   Salmonella Schwarzengrund   Salmonella Senftenberg   Salmonella Thompson   Salmonella Typhi   Salmonella Typhimurium   Salmonella Worthington  

For categories with many genomes, randon selection of 500 genomes was performed.